Cinema Troisi Wins the Italian Cinema Golden Ticket Again!

Cinema Troisi has won the Italian Cinema Golden Ticket for the second consecutive year, having recorded the highest number of spectators in the 2022-2023 cinema season. Over 90,000 public attendances compared to 60,000 last year, a growth of +50% for the facility, which ranked first among the 713 Italian single-screen cinemas.

This result was achieved by the Piccolo America Foundation, which receives the award in Sorrento during the 46th edition of Le Giornate professionali di cinema promoted by ANEC and ANICA, two years after the reopening of the historic Trastevere hall, after over ten years of abandonment.

«Cinema Troisi is a single-screen that has worked to make multiprogramming its strength, projecting 313 different titles in a year, and which, together with the screening of first-run films in the original language, is careful to devise and propose to its viewers evening series on great cinema authors, night initiatives or fixed appointments for every day of the week; and still creating new formats, blank slates for Oscar-winning directors, and collaborations with platforms to transform a juxtaposition into an opportunity. At Troisi, the highly followed and almost always sold-out Saturday and Sunday morning screenings at 11 have become a point of reference for the public, constantly flanked by a careful search for first works or never distributed and seen on the Italian big screen. This is possible thanks to the participation and attention paid to both large and small film festivals.

Winning the Golden Ticket for the second year for the current season is a great satisfaction for us, because it confirms that the Troisi formula works: on one hand, always seeking innovative paths in programming, on the other hand, aiming to create a new role for the cinema hall in the urban fabric. The latter, in fact, is experienced as an increasingly inclusive meeting place, with its SIAE study hall open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, which guarantees free and unrestricted access for anyone in a space in the historic center, thus also contributing to the reduction of social inequalities. A result that for us represents further confirmation of another possibility also for the abandoned halls, which can aspire to better futures compared to changes of use different from the social and cultural ones. A work, supported by daily dialogue with distributors and with the entire film industry, which we thank for the collaboration» states Valerio Carocci, president of Piccolo America.

«The first thanks go to the over 90,000 spectators of Troisi, a very young audience, 65% of whom are under 35, a result calculated on the 1975 shows on the program, of which only 4% were accompanied by meetings. This model has made it so that, in addition to being the first single-screen in Italy, the screen of Cinema Troisi is also the 14th for attendance among the over 3,400 screens in Italy, competing with the largest national multiplexes» declares Federico Croce, general director of Piccolo America

«Cinema Troisi is restoring to the cinema hall an aggregative and social mission. Never as at this moment do we witness the need to create places that can be a point of reference for the territory and the community. Parallel to the registered spectators, in fact, there are just as many 90,000 young and less young people who have passed through the SIAE study hall in one year.

We are happy with the result obtained, and our best congratulations go to Cinema Roma di Trento and Cinema Beltrade di Milano for their excellent results, which show how single-screens are fundamental in the film supply chain. A heartfelt thanks finally goes to the incredible staff of Cinema Troisi, to the national and international guests who introduced the screenings, and again to our wonderful audience» declares Giulia Flor Buraschi, vice-president of Piccolo America.

1 December 2023