È stata la mano di Dio (ITALIAN WITH ENGLISH SUBS) (2021)

Regista: Paolo Sorrentino
Durata: 129 min.
Seventeen-year-old Fabietto Schisa is an awkward boy struggling to find his place in the world, but finding joy in an amazing, life-loving family. Until a few events change everything. One is the arrival in Naples of a god-like sports legend: soccer idol Maradona, who arouses in Fabietto, and in the entire city, a pride that once seemed impossible. The other is a dramatic incident that will make Fabietto hit rock bottom, showing him the way to his future. Seemingly saved by Maradona, touched by chance or the hand of God, Fabietto struggles with the nature of fate, the confusion of loss, and the intoxicating freedom of being alive.
Data Orario Biglietti
Mercoledi 01-12-2021 21:30
Giovedi 02-12-2021 11:00 - 16:30
Venerdi 03-12-2021 16:30
Sabato 04-12-2021 16:00
Domenica 05-12-2021 16:00
Lunedi 06-12-2021 21:30
Martedi 07-12-2021 11:00 - 21:30