Piccolo America 2011-2021: the book about our first 10 years

Leggi in Italiano

A photographic volume of more than 450 pages chronicling the first ten years of the experience, from the occupation of Cinema America to the opening of Cinema Troisi

Produced with the support of Regione Lazio, the book traces all the stages in the history of Piccolo America. From the days when a group of students began gathering to ask institutions for a study hall in the centre of Rome, to the opening of Italy’s first 24-hour study hall in the Cinema Troisi. In between, the lively occupation of Cinema America in Via Natale del Grande, the experience of the “Piccolo Forno” after its eviction, the season of the “Pirate Screens” and all the editions of “Il Cinema in Piazza.” The book is enriched by Lorenzo Terranera‘s cover illustration and is available for free consultation at the TIM Study Room at Cinema Troisi.